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  • All set for the 2015 ISA World Surfing Games

    ISA World Surfing Games: the battle of the nations | Photo: Rommel Gonzales/ISA

    The 2015 ISA World Surfing Games are ready to go in Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua, from May 31st to June 7th.

    Over 150 male and female surfers from 25 countries will have the chance to defend the colors of their national flags in one of Nicaragua's finest surf breaks. Each nation is represented by four men and two women.

    Playa Popoyo is a surf spot located 100 kilometers southeast of Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua. The village is known for its high quality, consistent waves and perpetual offshore winds that flow off of Lake Nicaragua 300 days a year.

  • "Maverick Moments" follows unorthodox surfers

    Maverick Moments: these are unorthodox men and women | Photo: Maverick Moments

    The dictionary tells us that a maverick is "an unorthodox or independent-minded person." The new series "Maverick Moments" follows big wave surfers as they risk their lives in search of fame and recognition.

    If you're a big wave surfing fan, you'll love it. "Maverick Moments" rides the highest surf line to unveil how big wave chargers balance their personal lives with their passion for riding the biggest waves on the planet.

    "Every episode highlights an amazing big wave location, its surfing history, and unique culture. Athletes include Nic Lamb, Andres Flores, Anthony Tashnick, Ken Collins, Shane Dorian, Greg Long, Garrett McNamara and more," explains Rocky Romano, the director behind "Maverick Moments".

  • Huntington Beach shapes 42-foot surfboard for the Guinness World Records

    Epic Big Board Ride: a 42-footer for the Guinness | Photo: Peter Townend Activempire

    The city of Huntington Beach will try to break the Guinness World Records for "Most People Riding a Surfboard at Once" on the "World's Largest Surfboard," on the 20th June, 2015.

    Surfboard designer Nev Hyman has teamed up with Westerly Marine and local shapers to build a 42-foot long, 11 feet wide, and 16 inches thick surfboard. Or should we call it a longboard?

    Only participants who stay standing on the surfboard throughout the required 10 seconds will be counted towards the final record. Huntington Beach expects to have 60 surfers on the surfboard.

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