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  • Hendo is the world's first real hoverboard

    Hendo: it's true, it's real, it's an hoverboard

    The world's first real hoverboard has been successfully tested. Discover how Hendo will revolutionize the way you train rotations, spins and reverses in surfing.

    When Tony Hawk introduced us HUVr, the ultimate "fake" hoverboard, we dared to dream. Now, the dream has become a reality. Yes, there's an high-tech skateboard without wheels ready to hit the skateboard parks of the world.

    The Hendo hoverboard rides about one inch off the ground. The prototype is real and it works. It is not a matter of defying gravity; it's pure science instead. As your weight transfers to the board, you feel a light springy bounce, and you're immediately bouncing on air.

  • "Surfs Like a Girl": a Bethany Hamilton biopic

    Bethany Hamilton: she surfs like a girl | Photo: ASP

    World surfing hero Bethany Hamilton will be featured in "Surfs Like A Girl," a two-part biopic scheduled for 2015.

    Surf filmmaker Aaron Lieber is a busy man. The director from Southern California is preparing to soft viagra quick delivery launch the online cialis purchase "untold story" of Bethany Hamilton, a pro surfer who has been inspiring millions of niagara falls pharmacy cialis youngsters.

    Today, Bethany Hamilton is viagra next day shipping a brand. When she is the water, she rips and wins competitions. When she's on firm land, the Hawaiian sells books, films and products.

  • Ben Skinner is the King of the Longboard 2014

    Ben Skinner: style is everything in longboarding | Photo: ASP/Gonzalez

    Ben Skinner won the King of the Longboard 2014, at Playa de Somo, Cantabria, Spain.

    The ASP Europe sanctioned specialty event combined both performance and classic longboard styles in long peeling two-to-four foot waves, at Ribamontan al Mar.

    The innovative format saw Ben Skinner displaying a full array of manoeuvres including hang-tens, drop-knee turns and amazing foot work. The British longboarder finished the event with 32.35 points, ahead of Aurelien Meynieux and viagra and liver Alberto Fernandez.

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