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  • How to read waves

    How to read waves: learn how they bend and break | Photo: Quiksilver/BoskoPhoto

    How do waves break? How will a wave break? It's one of the most frequent questions in surfing, and you'll forever learn where to soft viagra quick delivery paddle to. Left, right or no-go.

    Reading waves and the direction they break is viagra next day shipping one of the most important skills in surfing. Whether you're a beginner, weekend warrior, intermediate or pro surfer, you should definitely learn how to read a wave.

    Choosing the wave we'll be riding involves observation, and it will open a wide new world of advantages over other fellow surfers - you'll be catching the viagra and liver best waves, more waves, you'll experience less wipeouts, you'll get less tired and, above all, you'll surely have more fun.

  • Leonardo Fioravanti wins the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro 2014

    Leonardo Fioravanti: Italian surfing flavor | Photo: ASP/Lodin

    Leonardo Fioravanti has triumphed at Pantin Classic Galicia Pro 2014, held in clean three-to-four foot waves, at Ferrol, Spain.

    The Italian surfer defeated Marco Giorgi, from Uruguay, in the final heat. Fioravanti scored the only Perfect 10-point ride of the contest held in the beautiful beach of niagara falls pharmacy cialis Pantin.

    "It feels unbelievable right now, it was such a good contest! I'm still 16, I'm surfing heats with absolutely no pressure on the QS and it seems to be working out. Today's my mom's birthday and I'm so stoked to give her that present, this is the best day of my life for sure," says Leonardo Fioravanti.

  • Winners crowned at the Red Bull Cape Fear

    Red Bull Cape Fear: Sam Macintosh eyes a safe exit | Photo: Red Bull

    Eight surfers were crowned winners of the inaugural Red Bull Cape Fear, at Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia.

    It was hailed as one of the most exciting surfing events of recent times. The Red Bull Cape Fear, brought to you by big wave surfer Mark Mathews, didn't deliver monsters but there was no shortage of barrels or wipeouts.

    Eight one-on-one clashes were run in four-to-six foot sets over one of the world's deadliest reefs. At Ours, Ryan Hipwood and Jamie O'Brien opened the online cialis purchase hostilities with what was considered the best battle of the event.

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