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  • The 10 most frequent words in surf conversations

    Surf talks: know your lingo | Photo: Kirstin/ASP

    Do you work as an undercover agent in a surfing environment? Are you a surfing beginner? Do you need to learn surf slang and jargon in less than an hour? Add the following surf words to your daily vocabulary, and no one will notice you're an apprentice.

    All sports have their lingo, and specific words that bring uniqueness to each universe. In the surfing world, there's also a classic accent frequently associated with beach bums and salted water brains.

    Accents change over time, and may vary by country or region. Moreover, distinctive pronunciations require time to catch up, so you need to act fast to look and act like a surfer dude.

  • Mick Fanning challenges fear at Shipstern Bluff

    Mick Fanning: no fear at Shipstern Bluff | Photo: Adam Gibson/Red Bull

    Mick Fanning has ridden some of the thickest and most dangerous waves of his life, at Shipstern Bluff, in Tasmania.

    The Australian surfing champion returned from Teahupoo and immediately traveled to Devil's Point with big wave surfer Mark Mathews. The iconic reef break was pumping solid barrels.

    "Had the funnest day ever yesterday with the boys at Shippies! Thanks for the call and thanks to all the Tassie crew for being ultimate legends, especially Zeb Critchlow for whipping me into this thing!" wrote Mick Fanning.

  • Hawaii Surfing Championship flirts with the World Surf League

    Kekoa Cazimero: nice move | Photo: Christa Funk

    Josh Moniz and Nelson Ahina have won the first stage of the 2015 Hawaii Surfing Championship, held in one-to-three-foot surf at Ala Moana Bowls, in Honolulu.

    Warm temperatures, no wind and highly competitive players. The Hawaii Surfing Championship hopes to become a World Surf League (WSL) qualifying event, and there's no reason it won't happen in the near future.

    "The goal is to allow local surfers to compete in Hawaii during the summer, and acquire much needed WSL points without having to rack up travel expenses by having travel around the globe when it can be done here," explains Tomas Kloosterboer, the event manager.

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